Your Hosts:

De is the middle child with South Georgia roots. He became known as the “harmonious one” in a diverse group of friends. He moved to North Florida for college and started a family and a career. As a black man, entrepreneur, and father in America, he feels it’s important to not only have a voice but to use it. He loves hearing different perspectives and debating as long as it’s done respectfully. De and Dre have always had great conversations full of heated discussions, laughter, and authenticity throughout their 25-year friendship.

Dre has been friends with De since they were in the 6th grade. The two found their way from South Georgia to North Florida, but ended up taking different paths. Dre has coached high school athletics, sung on stages, and dealt poker to gamblers. His life experiences and passion for good dialogue have lead him to this podcast. Teaming up with his lifelong friend allows him to keep it light and entertaining. De and Dre don’t always agree, but they’re committed to their friendship. He hopes to challenge the way people think and remind them that love for one another isn’t possible without hearing people out.


Josh the Producer

Josh grew up in Jupiter, Florida, and moved to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida in 2007. He received a degree in Communications, began his radio career at WDBO in 2012, and has been excited to continue doing what he loves. Josh is happily married with two kids, meaning he is legally obligated to annoy his family with hilarious dad jokes. Josh is excited to begin a journey with the Shot 4 Shot team.